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How to Find an Escort


Most people are of the view that finding an escort and bedding only involves calling and paying money. Well, that is not the case. Here are some of the reasons why you should involve some caution.

  • She may be a police officer and you may be arrested.
  • There is a possibility that she robs you or her pimp roughs you up.
  • Some questions involve your employment details that may lead to your exposure in the company you work for due to seeking the services of an escort.
  • Sometimes, she may hang up when she finds you uninteresting.

As a newbie, you may not know when to pay for the services.

With the above concerns in your mind, you realize that you escort services are more complicated than you initially anticipated. As such, it is imperative that you demystify the profession of escorts in order realize your fantasy.

  • There are five simple steps to finding an escort.
  • Find a good escort
  • Prepare an appropriate time to call her
  • Call her
  • Prepare for a specific date and time for your date
  • Get to the main part when you actually date her Finding an escort with whom you are attracted to and suits your needs

This is the most important step. Choosing the most appropriate escort for you, the other steps are a lot simpler. Naturally, selecting the wrong escort makes the subsequent steps a lot harder. Some of the most common sites include


There are smaller sites you can find regionally in your area. However, larger sites are the best places to begin.

When you are looking for the appropriate escort, you will find that are attracted to you. In addition, you will find those that you fancy and find attractive. Nonetheless, it is important to look out for swindles. Here are some signs that you landed on a swindle escorts site online.

  • Studio pictures: This may be proof that it is not the actual escort you are talking to online. It may not be her picture but bait to get you to pay for the services online.
  • Multiple listings: There are those girls that you will find in different escort sites. Obviously, this is a fraud.

As such, you need to look out for this warning signs when finding the right escort.

Getting prepared to call the escort

The main reason why you make this call is setting up an appointment. You should not discuss anything else during the call. You should not ask her about matters such as different sex positions or kinky sex acts activities once you meet.

In case it is a private investigator or police officer, you are guaranteed that you will be arrested. Therefore, before making the call ensure you do the following.

  • Do your research on the site
  • Find out the time you will meet, length of the date and venue for the appointment.
  • You can seek references from different clients who have sought the services the escort provides. Make the call

Remember that you are making the call to set an appointment, not to discuss what will happen during the date. This stage is when the actual date begins. In case you are well prepared, it will be easy. Use a calm, confident, and casual voice, just as you would when talking to a friend. Make the call as brief as possible and do not get into asking questions to answers that you should already have researched.

Sometimes most escorts use a two-call system that involves a second call on the specific date when you are to meet. In case the escort does not use this system, you can use it as a measure to complete your research on whether you are falling into a trap.

Therefore, accept the information given by the escort during the first call. You can use this video to find out the mistakes to avoid when making the initial call.

Prepare for the date

You can choose to make the date an in call or an outcall. An in call date is when you have to go to the escort. The outcall is when the escort comes to your place or a venue of your choice.

In case you choose an in call type of date, ensure that you keep your hygiene levels high. Ensure that you have fresh breath, smart clothing. And a good shower before meeting the escort.